Medieval Birthday Party Ideas Will Have You Partying All “Knight”!

By Elizabeth Chastain

Nearly every person is fascinated by the Middle Ages. Hosting a medieval birthday party will require a focus upon damsels in distress and knights in shining armor. Also, don’t forget about highlighting those village fairies and the slaying of dragons. The birthday boy or girl will be the lord or lady of the party. This also holds true if your birthday “boy” or “girl” happens to be an adult.


– Be sure to create an enticing knight birthday party invitation to coax your invitees to attend. A scroll-type invite would be a great choice. Start with a piece of scroll-printed scrapbook paper and write out all of your party details in calligraphy or type them up on the computer using an old English style font. Roll your invites up, seal with wax or tie a ribbon around them, and mail them off in a small mailing tube.


– There are many different medieval birthday party decorations that you can use to create the feel of a Renaissance environment. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to uniquely decorate your “Great Hall” or turn your home party room into a castle.

Hang banners, coats of arms, tapestries, and shields on your walls. The wall hangings should be forest green, blue or red. The cords on those hangings should be gold.


Use lots of candles, as lamps and fixtures weren’t in existence in them thar’ days. In fact, you might as well line your walkway with torches to light up your entrance and guide your guests to the party. Also, be sure to have a suit of armor standing in your entryway. Better yet, have someone wear the suit of armor, stand motionless at the entrance, and then as your guests walk by have your knight suddenly move. That will get your guests’ blood flowing!

Set-up tents outside to create a faire atmosphere for your guests to stroll through where various wares are supposedly being sold. You can hire teenagers to man the booths. Also, check out your teen options for jugglers, magicians, minstrels, etc. to roam throughout the party portraying their characters.


– If possible, instead of using chairs, use long tables with benches. Down the centers of the tables, place cloth runners that can be used to hold pewter pitchers of (say that three times fast) grape juice, root beer, etc. Along with the pitchers of drink, you can also place platters of food and don’t forget about placing a candelabra or two on the tables. Serve up chicken legs, wings, and breasts, along with a cup of soup, baked potatoes, etc. For added fun and authenticity, no silverware please.


– For music, you could hire musicians who should also join in the festivities and dress in medieval clothing.


– For games, the children would love to have a jousting tournament. All you need are some brave adults to supervise the event. Be sure to have some cool rewards for the winner(s).

I hereby decree that great feasting will occur, along with much merriment. In the end, your medieval birthday party is sure to be an adventure!

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