How Much Money Do You Need To Start Your Business?

By Jenn Givler

Money is important to the start-up and growth of your business. Money is a necessary consideration in your business.

There are three things to think about in terms of money. First, how much of it you have versus how much of it you need. Second, how you are going to finance your business, and, third, how you feel about money.

First, how much money do you have to put into your business? If you said $0, thats ok, and Ill show you why in a second.

Now, lets think about how much you are going to need to finance your business. Think of all of the things you are going to need to run your business. What equipment do you need? Do you need to hire employees? Do you need services? Write down everything that you need for your business along with how much it costs.


Look at the difference between how much you have and how much you need.

Now, think about how youre going to finance your business.

Ive self-funded both of my businesses. Meaning, I didnt take out a loan for either venture. I used money that I made working a full-time job, I did use credit cards for some of my cash-flow, and I also used money that my husband and I had left after family and personal expenses. Self-funding is definitely a viable option.

You can also look into financing through a bank. Set up an appointment at a local bank and simply ask them what they look for when lending money to small businesses. Be honest about your situation, and see what the bank recommends. Sometimes, they recommend a personal loan. Sometimes, you can take out a line of credit. It all depends on your situation, and your needs. If the first bank you talk to cant help, find another bank. Dont take it personally if a bank cant help you. The amount of help they can give is reliant on the terms and programs they offer.

Some entrepreneurs ask me about my experience using credit cards to finance a business. This is definitely an option, but you want to look very carefully into it before diving in. Things to consider are interest rates, and minimum payment amounts. Dont dig yourself into a credit ditch trying to finance your business.

Another option for funding is friends and family. Put together a business plan and have everyone over for a small get-together to introduce your business. Tell them what your funding needs are and let them know youre open to gifts and investment ideas.

You dont need a ton of money to start your venture. What you need to do is start where you are. If you dont have a wad of cash to devote to your business, think about ways that you can get your venture off the ground without it. You can start an e-zine for free, you can offer a teleclass, you can create and sell and e-book.

You can also market your business for next to nothing. Join online networking groups and start creating relationships. Go to local networking meetings and start meeting other people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Money can be a real sticking point, and it can be the cause for inaction in your business. Dont let lack of funds kill your business ideas. If youre passionate about your business, theres a way to fund it. It may take some creative thinking, and maybe a different way of doing things, but it can be done.

About the Author: Jenn Givler is a Business Empowerment Coach. She teaches women entrepreneurs step-by-step how to start and market their businesses. For weekly business tips and advice:


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