What Oral Health Concerns Can Be Prevented Through Family Dentistry In Silverdale WA?

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byAlma Abell

Taking care of your teeth and gums can help to keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful. You need to make sure you brush and floss your teeth as often as your dentist recommends, normally at least twice a day. This can go a long way towards assisting you in keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Though you may do all you can, at home, to keep your smile healthy, this is not enough to ensure you do not develop problems. You need to make sure you seek preventative care from Family dentistry Silverdale WA at least twice a year, to help to ensure good oral health.


What are the Conditions Preventative Care Can Help You Avoid?

1. Gum disease is a completely preventable oral health concern. When brushing and flossing your teeth each day, you remove the harmful plaque that can begin to invade your gum tissue. When this plaque becomes lodged under your gums, typically because of a lack of oral hygiene care, it causes redness, inflammation and irritation in the gum tissue. You will also notice your teeth bleed very easily. Even with the gentle action of brushing your teeth, you can experience bleeding. The dentist can help you to avoid this condition, by performing routine deep cleaning treatments. If you do develop gum disease, it can be found early, through the Family dentistry Silverdale WA and treated before major problems occur.

2. Cavities are also preventable through good oral hygiene habits and the care provided by your dentist. A cavity typically occurs when plaque is allowed to sit on the teeth for an extended period of time. Even if you brush and floss your teeth as often as you should, there can be areas you miss, allowing decay to set in. Through the deep cleanings provided by your dentist, you can avoid cavities. If a cavity does begin in your tooth, the dentist can often find it well before it even begins to exhibit symptoms.

If you have been putting off your dental care needs for too long, contact the dental office of Paul L. Kadzik DDS & Associates and schedule an appointment right away. Allow them to help keep your teeth and gums in their prime health.

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