Toothache? Call An Emergency Dentist In South River

byAlma Abell

Waking up with a swollen and painful jaw is a terrible way to start the day. However, a single phone call can get a same day appointment with an Emergency Dentist in South River. After a quick inspection of the mouth, the dentist will take x-rays to quickly locate the problem. Often, it’s an infection that has spread to the root area of the teeth. If the x-ray shows that the root is intact, then the dentist can perform a root canal. However, a cracked root means the tooth has to be extracted.


Of course the thought of having any tooth pulled out upsets a patient, but having a visible front tooth pulled out is even more traumatic. The Emergency Dentist in South River can quickly reassure the patient that a dental implant topped with a crown will eventually fill the space. First the tooth has to come out. The dentist will use a powerful anesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. Dentists use a very gentle method to remove teeth. It minimizes the tugging that a patient feels. The tooth will be out in just a few seconds, and it usually takes about six weeks for the gum and jaw to heal after a tooth extraction.

The Emergency Dentist in South River can then follow through on his promise to the patient to fill the space using a dental implant. The dentist will take an x-ray of the patient’s jaw to find the location of adjacent tooth roots and any nerves. This helps him find the best place in the jawbone to insert the implant.

Dental Implants are made from titanium. This is the same material used to make artificial hips and knees. The body readily accepts this metal and rejection is very rare. After about eight weeks, the implant is fully incorporated into the jaw. It is the as strong as the original tooth root. The dentist takes an impression for a porcelain crown. Once it is in place, the crown and implant function just like the original tooth. The patient can floss and brush it like any other tooth. With proper care, it will last for decades. Click here, for more details

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