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byAlma Abell

Tooth pain is one of the most difficult to deal with in your body. When tooth pain strikes, you may not know where the pain is coming from or how you can overcome it. Many people try pain medications to relieve their pain. While pain medications may ease the pain temporarily, they cannot take away the problem permanently. In fact, pain medications simply cover up the pain signals your body is sending. The problem continues and can and will become worse. This could lead to damage and even the loss of your tooth. When you experience tooth pain, it is important you find the cause, so it can be treated. This will help you to be able to save your tooth.


What Causes Tooth Pain and How Can It Be Treated?

1. Cavities are often one of the main causes of tooth pain. When cavities enter the softer tissues of your tooth, they begin to affect the nerve. This can cause moderate to severe pain and is often difficult to stop. To treat a cavity, the2. dental group in Hawaii3. will remove the decayed portions of your tooth. Removing this decayed area is extremely important, so damage does not continue. This can also help to prevent tooth death. Once the decayed portion has been removed, the dentist will fill your tooth, so it is fully protected.4. Infections can also cause pain in your tooth. When an abscess becomes severe, it can aggravate the nerve on the inside of your tooth. It can also cause swelling and pressure around your tooth, as well as a fever. Infections can be serious and should never be overlooked. With prompt treatment, the Dental Group in Hawaii may be able to save your tooth from loss, by treating the infection, so your tooth becomes healthy again.5. When your tooth suffers from an injury, you may not even be aware. Though your teeth are normally strong enough to resist damage, cavities can cause your teeth to become weakened and prone to damage. When this happens, you could experience damage that exposes your nerve. Depending on the degree of damage, there are many treatment choices your dentist can offer.

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