Where Are The Best Skate Parks Located?

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By John Pauls

People do all sorts of things for entertainment and that includes traveling to find the best skate parks in the world. There are people that live for that challenge and they will go to many different locations to try them out. You may think you have a fabulous skating park in your area but how does it compare with many of these others? This will give you a look at some of the top ranked skate parks and why they are in that category.

With many locations the goal isn’t just to have a skate park but to create one that out does what is around it. Many of the builders involved with the process want to bring in a great design that people will take notice of. The desire for larger skate parks is common too and the builders are responding well to that. Many of them built in the last five years are twice the size of those previously in place.

As a side note, take your own time to find out where great skate parks are located. If you travel often for work or for fun, take that skateboard with you. Then you can explore the area to see what is offered. Make sure you take your camera too so that you can create a collection of them from the various skate parks you visit. What you will find to be spectacular really depends on what you want to get out of a skate park so your opinions and those of others will often be biased and driven by personal preferences.


If you are living in the Oregon area or close to it then you are in for a treat because many of the best skate parks out there happen to be in that area. Dinosaur Park is in Tigard, Oregon and it opened in 2007. This offers a skater’s paradise with 15,000 square feet. Pier Park is a common location for skaters in Portland Oregon with 11,000 square feet. In Bay City you have one that is much smaller at 6,000 square feet called Ken Downie Skatepark.

The Helmet in Polson, Montana is ranked the top skate park out there by the great Tony Hawk. He has found this 12,000 square feet design to be one that works very well for a variety of fabulous tricks. Of course it should be no surprise to find that many of the best ones are in California right? The biggest one is in Encinitas, California and has a huge park with lots of other activities around it. Florida features many too including Kona State Park where you will find the oldest one in the United States. It was implemented in the late 1970’s and have many of the original elements in place today.

Regardless of the skate parks you have access to, enjoy them. They are a great form of recreation for children of all ages. If your area doesn’t have one then do your best to secure funding for it and to get people involved with it. Your community leaders can help you to get this accomplished. The skate park doesn’t have to be elaborate for people to be able to enjoy it so keep that in mind with your plans as well.

There are many different designs that you can explore when it comes to a skate park. It will also depend on the room you have for it, the cost involved, and the builder specifications for it. There is a great deal of information that has to be considered and evaluated before a skate park can be implemented. Yet the finished result is often something to be proud of and that people of all ages can turn to for a source of entertainment.

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