Volunteer In Croatia And Discover The Balkans Pearl

By Seomul Evans

Croatia is situated in Europe and has some beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea coastline, which stretches over 1000km. Croatia also has an archipelago of 1000 islands, which are a favorite place with tourists from all over the world who come down to beat the freezing temperatures of Switzerland or the arid and dry weather of the Middle East. Croatia has a unique appeal thanks to the Venetian old towns boasting of architecturally brilliant structures overshadowed by the rugged and snow covered mountain ranges. It is a new found paradise for tourists and presents an intoxicating mix of culture, wine, food and natural beauty.

Why Volunteer In Croatia

Volunteering in Croatia is different in several aspects as you will get to not only understand the cultural barriers but also the geographical and political barriers that have restricted the economical growth of this country. A beautiful place for the tourist across the world, as a volunteer, you will get to see and work around the eye-sores, which are deep rooted. As a volunteer in Croatia, you will get an all-round experience of life there and the decisions that people have to make to make life hospitable.

Types Of Projects Available

As a part of volunteering in Croatia, you will get to choose the kind of project you are interested in. The different types if projects available include:

— Vulture Conservation: This is one project that is close to the heart of many Croatians. The Griffon vulture or Gyps fulvus is one of the world’s largest birds but off late they have been listed in the book of endangered species. As a volunteer in Croatia, you will get to work on the Griffons project and make your contribution towards saving this almost vanishing species. A majestic bird, it is facing extinction due to lack of food or food sources. Your work as a volunteer will include assisting other members of the team at the research institute in monitoring the bird’s activities, feed them, and treat them for any medical problems, among other activities.

— Working with the Elderly People: There are several types of volunteering in Croatia and one of them includes assisting the elderly people. A part of your chore will include assisting the elderly people in every way possible from helping them with their daily routines to taking a bath depending on the individual and his/her condition. You will also assist in other functions like cooking food, washing dishes, washing clothes, teaching English other subjects and helping them with gardening.

— Community Development: As a volunteer for community development in Croatia, you will be working around the towns of Drnis and Knin. You work will involve organizing international events, development and promotion of RK Knin and teach various sports.


— Public health: As a part of volunteering in Croatia, you will be able to contribute to the various awareness programs that will help people to understand the different rising health issues. You will also be assisting a team of local doctors in child immunization programs and other health projects.

— Cultural Experience: As a volunteer in Croatia, you can be a part of the culture of the country and take back with you immeasurable cultural experiences. As a part of this project, you will be able to speak with the local people, mingle with them and collect data for enabling research on the Croatian people and society.

— Teaching: There are different languages that you can teach in Croatia as a volunteer and the most popular is English. You can also get involved in teaching other subjects like science, arts, and extra curricular activities.

Volunteer Requirements

Age: The minimum age for volunteering in Croatia should be 18 or older.

Duration: The standard duration of most projects is 5-8 weeks although they can also vary from 1-2 weeks or 9-12 weeks.

Language: English

Fee and Other details

There is a fee attached to each of the projects that you volunteer for. The fee is charged in advance and is charged for the following:

1. Accommodation

2. Emergency evacuation services

3. Food/meals

4. Travel insurance

5. Transportation within the region

6. Emergency support

7. All types of training material

8. Supervision by local staff

9. Orientation on arrival

10. Local sightseeing & recreational activities


Volunteering in Croatia is a beautiful experience as you will get to communicate with the people and understand their cultural and social values and at the same time offer them an insight to the rest of the world. It is like growing with the people.

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