Pantone Spring / Summer 2012 Color Trends

Submitted by: Kim Latimer

Hot off the press, I just got off of PANTONE s spring / summer 2012 webinar, introducing the new Color Trends Forecast!

There s a strong influence between fashion trends that tend to cross over into home d cor in both color and textural influences. So here s a first peek at the Color Trends Forecast for 2012 so you can compare and contrast its influence on Home and Housewares Color Trends (featured on the image at the top of this article). Fashion influence is a great inspirational cross-over for choosing wall color and inventing your color story, because clothing is scalable and easier to see in your mind s eye.

Pantone s theme is Bridges, which has everything to do with what is going on in Interior Design. The trend is really about metallics, transparency, and optical textures in fabrics shown side-by-side with very modern matte finishes with engineered curved lines Modern meets updated flea market, or rather transitional. Retro is heavily emphasized as well. This transitional marriage falls just short of expressing itself as shabby chic , which was characterized by crumpled texture and rather dumpy, non-delineated lines. The new trend is toward a much more sophisticated relationship between worn and friendly, and futuristic fantasy. It sounds easy to fall off the bridge, but don t be intimidated there s no troll under the bridge!

The above was a lot to be covered, so here are some highlights:

Color Trends Catalysts more stimulating color! Impetus, inspirational

Retro figures prominently! Lovers of the Atomic Ranch look unite!


Metallics not only the staple gold, silver, and bronze shimmer, but bright colors, too.

Black takes a bit of a back seat, but ultra-matt or sheens modern, sexy, sophisticated will still punctuate collections in home.

Blues, nautical and yes TURQUOISE bring a joyful, clear, and clean look to summer palettes.

Red, albeit less visible survives in chili-pepper red, and red / brown incarnations.

Candy pinks (yes, PANTONE Honeysuckle) continue as imperative .

Terra cotta is very big this summer, headed towards russet based hues

Browns chocolate becomes more important steady, chic, subtle, understated

Yellow yellow chrome a lot of emphasis on buff yellow Warm summer taupes stand out as upscale, eternal, and understated . Yellow is characterized as optimistic and original .

Metallics emphasize luxury, and as always optimize a hint of glamour to relieve the mundane. Metallics are shown in combination with textures that are shaded and washed out.

Textures are broken shiny (like faux lizard skin patterns), and involve head to toe sequins, and engineered curves, separating those matt finishes and transparencies tension drawing extremes into even sharper relief!

Graduated color, cork, metalized crochet patterns leather, soft and worn, textures are evidenced in furnishings, crochet poufs and more in the Home D cor market.

Past meets future irregular dying, sparkling brilliant, opaque with transparent. Optical fibers Russet hues plus washed and worn, relaxed palettes exciting stuff!

Yellow, Gold Grey were emphasized. This has always been one of my favorite palettes ominous storm clouds retreating after a strong thunderstorm; with late afternoon sun breaking against yellow fall foliated trees is a sight that is one of life s everyday miracles!

Crumpled; not perfect finishes More bright and jarring orange all over the map!

PANTONE Honeysuckle Color of The Year still leads the pack of trends for 2011, symbolic of the dynamic, encouraging, hopeful and uplifting mechanism that color represents in all our lives!

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