Liposuction Or Tummy Tuck? How To Tell What Cosmetic Procedure You Need

Liposuction or Tummy Tuck? How To Tell What Cosmetic Procedure You Need


Alex Sanders

Hello, and in this short article, we will be discussing the different techniques for sculpting the tummy. Often people are a little bit confused when deciding whether they are more suitable for a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction cosmetic procedure for the stomach region. We are going to go into the differences and also talk about the Pros and Cons of these procedures so that you will better understand them. Understanding what these procedures involve is very important, because lefts face it, IT S YOUR BODY and you should know what s best for you.

Essentially, Liposuction cosmetic procedures remove fat. It can only be used to remove fat outside the tummy cavity. Men and women tend to put fat on in different areas. Men tend to put fat on within the abdominal cavity and women outside the abdominal cavity. So this means that women are more suitable for the Liposuction procedures. Like we said earlier, men tend to put weight on the inside the abdominal cavity around the intestines. That s why you see some men walking around with the big Beer Belly . But the fatty tissues above the muscles, in this case, are thin. This makes most men not suitable for Liposuction, because liposuction treats the fat outside the abdominal cavity. Women, on the other hand, tend to put the weight on outside the abdominal cavity, and then of course those other problem areas like the hips and thighs making liposuction more ideal.


If you are a person that struggles with excess fat or skin, you and your cosmetic surgeon need to work out is if it s excess skin or fat that is hanging over and creating the eye sore. If you ve been pregnant before, lost a lot of weight, or maybe had a C-section operation, you are likely to have excess skin that creates an overlap. If that s you, then you are probably more suitable for a Tummy Tuck or skin reducing procedure. All liposuction is going to do in this case is remove the fatty areas, but not address the skin issue. If you don t have the skin issues from weight loss or pregnancy, and all you want to address is fat reduction in the belly area, then Liposuction would most likely be a good fit for you. Some people struggle with both, needing a fat reduction and skin reduction procedure. The great thing is that both Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck can be paired, to give the patient the best body sculpting results.

In summary, if it s excess skin maybe that s hanging, and when you pinch the region, you can feel there is not that much fatty tissue, then probably a tummy tuck will be a good fit for you. If, however, there is not much skin overhang, not a lot of stretch marks, and not a lot of loose skin then Liposuction would most likely be the cosmetic procedure for you addressing fat reduction. A good doctor will be able to give more info about the operation options, and be able to tell you if the problem is caused by weakness in the tummy area. Because if there is a problem like weakness, then he will let you know what needs to be done to correct this specific problem. It s important to find a certified doctor, and the best way would be to do some searches on Google using Cosmetic Surgery Scottsdale or Cosmetic Surgeon Scottsdale if you are in the area.

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