Left Hand Drive Cars}

Left hand drive cars


Gerry DossenLHD cars are the cars in which the steering wheel and pedals are located on left side. There are some important driving tips for those who are using left hand drive first time in life. Firstly, it is better to select the car with the automatic transmission. Secondly, drive on the thicker road rather than the busy road, where the traffic is minimal. Thirdly, you should do the practice to learn equipment and the controls in the LHD cars. You have to check the speedometer precisely or the speed limits accurately. The last and but no the least important tip is that take a test drive in LHD cars to check your left hand driving.

Some dealers are specialized in the importing of left hand car to sell to their customers. When you are going to find the left hand car dealer, it is very important to do research for the history of cars to ensure the quality and style of the car. Oak leaf automotive leads in UK left hand drive, which has been a well-established dealer in left hand drive imports the car in the market for over eighteen years. They offer the select range of used and new quality left hand drive cars with the professional service.


There are various sales sources where the left hand drive cars are available for sales. Europe is one of the best sales sources of the left hand drive cars. You can find the new and used second hand left hand drive cars for the sale in the Holland, Germany, UK, France, England, Belgium and other European counties. There are various websites which will helps you to buy and locate the left hand drive cars at the cheap price. They give the whole information about the left hand drive car. These websites also provide the helpline number which helps to the customers to take any kind of information.

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Left Hand Drive Cars


Left Hand Drive Cars For Sale

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