Expand Your Contracting Services To Include Affordable Built In Options

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byAlma Abell

If you are looking for an option to expand your contracting business providing a customized built-in service for your clients offers them remodel options they might not otherwise have considered. The custom cabinetry Ontario contractors offer can go beyond the basics for kitchen and bathroom remodels and be expanded to create stunning, showcase pieces. These pieces can completely change a space, as well as offer a unique way to make a room more functional.

Built In Offices

Most homeowners today are looking for ways to incorporate a home office. The home office is becoming more in demand due to more people working from home. As well, families require a space for a computer for homework, banking, paying bills and of course for entertainment purposes. Built-in office areas offer affordable options allowing people to make the most of unsuspecting spaces including areas under the stairs, tiny nooks and even repurposed closets. Having a creative service that focuses on built-in offices can expand your business as well as offer you a new way to use your design skills to optimize space for smaller homes.

Built In Display Cases

The charm found in older homes often includes charming details such as built in display cases. Complete with glass doors, these elegant additions can add a touch of architectural detail that is rare in modern homes. These types of features work well in dining rooms, libraries, dens and kitchens and provide an additional storage or display area for homeowners as well.

Built-In Side Boards

The dining room has become a very central location and the heart of entertaining for many families. The formal dining room had been phased out especially with the introduction of more open concept layouts. However, even in open concept spaces the addition of a built-in sideboard can help define a dining area while providing much-needed storage space. Drawer and cabinet door combinations for integrated sideboards offer a permanent design detail that can also increase the value of an everyday cookie cutter style home.

Built In Vanities

The bathroom is a room always in need of more storage. Custom cabinetry Ontario homeowners install in their bathrooms provides a substantial decorative detail while offering the additional storage space demanded by the modern family.

Let’s not forget the obvious: Home theatres. From offices to sideboards and built-in vanities to display cases, the built-in is the perfect addition to your contracting business.

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