Back Acne And What You Can Do About It

Back acne, or, shortly, “bacne”, is a term used to refer to the type of acne that appears on the body; not just on the back, but also on the upper arms and buttocks. It is a skin condition, very similar to facial acne, and it has almost the same way of developing as the latter. In fact, the majority of persons suffering from facial acne also suffer from back acne.However, the difference between facial acne and back acne consists in the fact that the skin that covers the body is slightly thicker than the one that covers the face; therefore, the skin on the body also has larger pores, which secrete an increased amount of oil, compared to the skin on the face.Since the pores on the back are large, back acne is more likely to cause serious damages by developing into nodules and cysts. These are usually painful, especially since they are placed quite far from the surface of the skin. Minor issues, such as pimples and blackheads are also connected to back acne.What Causes ItNo one can tell you exactly what the actual cause of back acne is. Just as in the case of facial acne, doctors have not yet found a clear, definite answer on what causes back acne or any other types of acne. However, we do know that the sebaceous glands are involved in the appearance of acne, and irritations that occur on the skin make it worst.Persons affected by acne are known to produce a large number of skin cells inside their pores; these cells “ally” into a zit, and this is how acne appears.People that do not know how to get rid of back acne usually make their condition worse in their attempt of finding a solution for it. Rough massages on the skin or repeated rubbing only have a negative impact, and people affected by acne should not resort to them. There are also some other things that irritate the skin and aggravate your condition. Among them, we can count: wearing tight clothes or backpacks and exercising on weight lifting machines.If you suffer from acne, make sure you stay away from: stressful situations, sweaty exercises and food that is oily and fatty.Genetics can also play a major role in the appearance acne.When Does Back Acne Appear?Usually acne appears around puberty, because this is when the sebaceous glands start working and producing sebum. Around this period, the sebum production may become too high, which leads to the pores getting clogged, and thus much more sensitive to bacteria.How You Can Prevent Complications?Wear only cotton clothes, because they allow your skin to breathe. Make sure you do not sweat too much during your workouts and change your clothes whenever you get sweaty. Shower immediately after you have finished your workouts and use only soft sponges to wash your skin with. Notice the areas mainly affected by acne, and figure out which of your actions may cause irritations in the same areas; if you discover the cause, take the necessary measures.How You Can Treat Back AcneDepending on how severe your back acne is, there are various treatments that you can successfully try at home.If you do not have major problems, just wash your skin properly, with special products (the anti-bacterial cleansers that you usually use to wash your face are very good); stay away from soap. Let your skin dry completely after you shower and then treat it with products that contain at least 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid; products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide are also considered efficient, especially if you are confronting severe forms of acne.The above mentioned are quite effective tips on how to prevent and how to get rid of back acne, but if you follow them and still face severe problems, make sure you ask for a doctor’s opinion.

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