Aftermarket Motorcycle Tachometers

By Dominik Hussl

If you happen to have a cruiser that does not come with a tachometer then it might be a wise investment to find an aftermarket tach that will allow you to see at what RPM your motor revs when you are going down the road. A good tach is definitely a must for anyone that rides it like they stole it. I have always ridden one of my bikes by feel but when I actually installed a digital tachometer it was nice to see the rpms. Besides the fact that I bought a billet aluminum bullet tach that looks really nice on the bike. Billet tachometers are a great way to customize your bike and actually add a functional piece of equipment to your ride as well. Also some fo your nicer bullet motorcycle gauges have a speedometer as well as a temperature function.

Dakota Digital makes a digital gauge for motor cycles that is both a speedometer and a tachometer. Not just that its also a bullet tach so it will fit nicely on most cruisers and provide a more custom streamline look to your ride. If you are working on a project or a custom chopper Dakota Digital motorcycle gauges are a perfect fit for customizing the bike as well as adding needed functionality. These gauges come in a variety of applications and can be easily installed. For example the Dakota digital 3015 is a 3 38″ bullet style gauge that is a speedometer and a tach. It has many features and settings like a odometer with resettable trip meter, choose from several settings: speedometer only, speedometer with odometer and trip meter, or speedometer with bar / graph tachometer. A user friendly interface easily allows you to configure these gauges as needed. Another one of their motorcycle gauges is the 300 series which allows for several display options including voltmeter, oil pressure, water temp or oil temperature as well as fuel level or air pressure readings. Of all the motorcycle gauges available this company has many great multifunctional units available including a speedometer function.


If you prefer a analog tach which is more along the lines of the old school motorcycle gauges. Pro1 makes some really nice analog tachometers. ProOne has several tach’s that are made from billet aluminum which is then chrome plated for a quality finish. One of their gauges also has a built in 4 inch riser. Most of what Pro1 offers is a tach that directly replaces the original handlebar clamp which combines the clamp with a analog tach which makes it easy to install on your bike. Most of the tachometers available thru this manufacturer come with installation instructions and are easily installed.

So really when it comes to choosing a motorcycle speedometer, tachometer or any sort of gauge it becomes a matter of how you want to customize your cruiser. Of course tach’s for sport bikes are also available but those are generally installed in to the dash of the sportbike. Autometer makes a great tach for sport bikes.

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