Advantages Of A Laser Printer

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Both inkjet and laser printers produce high quality print-outs but what printer you decide to purchase will depend on what you will be using it for.

The main advantage of a laser printer is its speed – laser printers can push out pages and pages of text efficiently and quickly. A laser printer can write at a much quicker speed than an inkjet printer because it uses one of the same mechanisms as a photocopier, which allows it to produce quick and precise print-outs. Laser printers are best placed in the office as they are designed to print large volumes of high quality text rather than high quality images (you ll need to opt for an inkjet if you are after precise image printing).

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One factor that tends to put people off buying a laser printer is their cost; although in recent years the price of laser printers has significantly decreased. You can pick up a low end laser printer for around 100 now and although the cartridges aren t cheap, they last a very long time, making laser printers a more economical choice than an inkjet printer. You can either buy your toner cartridges brand new (at a price) or you can choose to get them refilled or remanufactured, which will cost you less and benefit the environment at the same time. By choosing to get your cartridge refilled (a top up of toner) or remanufactured (a top up of toner and a quick service to check all the parts are working) you are saving the planet s limited natural resources by recycling and reusing parts instead of purchasing brand new ones.

Third-party toner cartridge suppliers will often remanufacture original brand name cartridges, this is completely legal, and although the original manufacturers state the quality of print-outs will not be as good, many third-party suppliers have run thorough tests that prove the quality of their print-outs is matched to the quality of major brands like Epson toner cartridges, Canon, HP and lots more.

Other advantages of laser printers include the amount of paper it can hold; they usually store large amounts of paper for high volumes of printing and you often get the option to add extra trays should you need them. Laser printers can print between 12 and 46 pages per minute (PPM) and they are measured in dots per inch (DPI). Most laser printers come between 600 and 1200 DPI but high-end industrial printers can reach up to 2400 DPI.

Laser printers offer waterproof printing; the ink will never smudge even when it s freshly printed. And of course the print quality of the text is superb, laser printers are standard for professional letters because the quality is so high. Best of all, laser printers are modern, energy efficient and economical – toner cartridges last such a long time, and you get a huge amount of print-outs per cartridge. Fortunately, laser printers have gone down in price over the years so they can be used for home use as well as in the office.

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