7 Tips To Finance Your Cosmetic Surgery

Submitted by: Rena Graham

We have to admit that as much as we want to look our best, this usually comes with a price. A simple hair cut, facial or even just having your eyebrows shaped to perfection can cost you some cash. So how much more when you go into surgical procedures? Cosmetic surgery can cost you thousands of dollars at the least. Since these are considered to be elective procedures sometimes it can be quite hard to have insurance companies cover for it. Because money is really hard these days here are seven tips to help you pay for your cosmetic surgery.

1. First of all, you can never go wrong with good old savings. For every paycheck that you get, set aside a certain amount for that little cosmetic surgery fund. Doing so in small amounts may not be so hard on the budget. It may not fully pay for the procedure but it will really cut back on the expenses.

2. Research on the kind of surgery you have. This is for you to know whether you have the option of having a procedure done under general or local anesthesia. The latter is usually cheaper, however it should also be assessed whether it is really the best one for you. The net is teeming with sources, and there are even clinics who provide information as to how the procedure is done. This way you can get an idea on certain options on which you can save.


3. Another thing why it is always best to go for a personal consult, because through it you can also discuss better with your surgeon on financing options that his clinic offers. A consultation will also give you a heads up on the certain amount that you need to prepare. There are actually some doctors who can give you an option of paying on installment basis.

4. If your surgeon does not offer any financing options, there are a lot of financing companies that also offer help specifically on cosmetic surgeries. It is also best if you scan around on a number of financing companies to know which of these have better rates and options.

5. Another is to get apply for secured loans in the bank. Secured loans is when you have to put in a collateral, which can be your car, as the loaner s way of securing that you pay because the property that you put on collateral will be repossessed if you fail to do so. This kind is cheaper than the open loan because the latter has bigger interests since they have nothing to repossess should you have any problems of paying for your cosmetic surgery in the future.

6. Your birthday s coming up? Or Christmas lurking around the corner? You can ask your friends and family that instead of giving you gifts they can just give donations to curtail the expenses on your planned cosmetic surgery.

7. You can make a loan at your bank or credit union. You can also look around at different banks to see who has better rates.

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