3 Interesting Additions You Can Make To Your Fireplace To Make It More Energy Efficient

By Greg Garner

Fireplaces are big consumers of energy resources. Whether they are traditional log fireplaces or gas or electric ones, they are going to take up precious fuel or other energy resource. After all, if you are using something for your heating needs, you will have to provide it with some fuel first. However, these are dire times and we have to ensure the protection of whatever resources we have. Especially, with fireplaces, there are several ways to make them energy-efficient. We can make a few additions to the fireplaces so that they can consume less fuel and provide more energy output. This also becomes an economically wise thing to doyou are putting down a little extra investment in making your fireplace energy-efficient and saving a lot on its fuel and energy costs.

So, what are these modifications or additions that you can make? Though there are several of them, here we shall talk about the three most commonly used ones.

1. A Glass Door

A fireplace glass door is installed between the chimney and the space that needs to be heated. Hence, installing this door efficiently cuts down the area that needs to be heated up. As a result, the fireplace can heat up the room with a lesser amount of fuel or energy.


A fireplace glass door has its various other uses as well. By acting as a suitable barricade between the most toxic part of the fireplace (i.e. where the fumes are produced) and the living space, it accounts for a healthier environment because it keeps smoke at bay. It also acts as a protection if you have children or pets in the house that are likely to go investigating the fireplace at riskily close quarters.

Variations of fireplace glass doors are available. You could go for a mesh door as well. This will give a more open environment for your fireplace. A lot of new designs have also thronged the market of late. Check them out; you might see something you really like.

2. A Fireback

A fireback is an arrangement that you attach to the back of the fireplace. It is made of a heavy metal structure, mostly made out of cast iron. The fireback covers the back surface of your fireplace completely and acts as protection for it. The walls of fireplaces are likely to get blackened and damaged by soot; but a fireback protects them from such damage. Additionally, because of its black color, it can retain more heat and reflect it back into the room. Hence, adding a fireback to your fireplace can be a way of enhancing the heat that it exudes into the room.

3. A Fireplace Heater

A fireplace heater is a somewhat sophisticated type of arrangement that circulates the air from the room in a closed chamber, heats it up and then releases it back into the room. Due to the addition of this hot air, the room becomes warmer and faster. This is one of the most energy-efficient ways for heating rooms up with fireplaces.

If you are looking at cutting down costs on your fireplaces, then these are the three most essential things that you need to consider. A little upfront expense, but convenience and savings later onthat is what makes up for wise buying decisions.

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