United With New Man Utd Jersey 2012 Are Already In The Defending Bogeba Critical Moment

United with New Man Utd Jersey 2012 are already in the defending bogeba critical moment



Goal hero Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs added up is 75 years of age. Two veteran status was amazing at the same time, a lot of people also Manchester United teams of young people in slightly a little worrying: Hernandez and Willbeck have different characteristics on the strike, but the disadvantages are obvious; midfield newcomer only kelaiweili good, but still suffering from injury, failed to provide stable support for the team. In addition to the kelaiweili, Manchester United\’s France midfielder bogeba was considered very promising new star, Tall stature, good technique, he won the \”xinweiaila\” of the title, but just recently a good material to make a move. The daily mail says, United with

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are already in the \”defending\” bogeba critical moment, because bogeba and he has heart and meaning of brokers. Manchester United have been trying to for 18 years old France midfielder with a new contract, to avoid the loss of the child prodigy, but layiaola think bogeba broker, Manchester United failed to bogeba provided a guarantee of the future, and in the home game against Ajax in the bogeba also be excluded from the list, and ask him to separate training. Bogeba broker layiaola is considered a very \”good\” player transfers, he said: \”this is not a stable situation, very difficult to resolve. Manchester United wanted to keep him, now see what this child to make a decision. Midfielder Manchester United fans worried about weakening of aging, thought it will go through a period of time \”labor pains\” but the goalkeeper position of accident of a smooth transition. The Sun newspaper said United have with Denmark keeper Anders Lindegaard consensus, Anders Lindegaard has determined a raise to stay at Manchester United. Anders Lindegaard with

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is currently in weekly to 25,000 pounds for Manchester United, Manchester belonging to low-income families. Manchester United after the authorized Anders Lindegaard, decided to raise to keep him. It is learnt that Anders Lindegaard in new contracts, weekly reached 40,000 pounds, compared to previous has grown significantly. Reliable players to renew at the same time, Manchester United advanced Scout system has not been grabbed the young man had been searching for it. According to the Metro, Manchester United has been aiming to play for Portuguese Super giants FC Porto winger, known as \”South America Ronaldo\” James Rodriguez. It is learnt that, in order to better observe this \”South America Ronaldo\”, Ferguson arranged a Scout for Manchester City home Al Ittihad Stadium, watching at its shiniest Cup competition of Porto and Manchester City.

James Rodriguez was one Colombia player, only 20 years old this year, stands at 1.78-meter, field supervisor vocational winger. In addition to like Ronaldo, Rodriguez is also very similar to Ronaldo playing football, play in 9-ball League play 15 games this season, also had in last year\’s Portugal Cup final hat-trick, full attack. It has been learned that, Porto Rodriguez as a treasure, who wants to take away Rodriguez will have to pay the contractual penalty for 38 million pounds. In addition to Rodriguez, the Metro also shocking, Manchester United with

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have the chance to regain Spain Zhongwei Gerrard-peak. Between 2004 and 2008, peak at Manchester United was a fairly successful experience, returned to Spain after the rapid growth of the Barcelona and Spain national team mainstay. But recently, the peak and Barcelona gap between coach Guardiola, team challenge of Leverkusen\’s Champions League important battle and team challenges madelijingji in League play, Guardiola rare Peake to be excluded from the list of appearances, and was considered most likely to be sold this summer peak. It has been learned that, in addition to Manchester United, Chelsea that want a peak. According to the daily mirror news, Birmingham, has been demoted to the British Crown, leased from United Belgium defender Theo de Raadt. Theo de Raadt has been this season on loan at Norwich, where he experienced a return to Manchester United with

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after injury, hopes Manchester United on loan at Birmingham to Theo de Raadt, Defender Steve Carr to replace suffered knee injuries.

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