The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coffee


1 coffee contains certain nutrients. Coffee contains vitamin B nicotinic acid, after roasting coffee beans content is higher. And a free fatty acid, caffeine, tannic acid, etc.

2 on the skin is beneficial. Coffee, Coffee can promotes metabolism, activate digestive function of constipation, has great effect. Use coffee powder is a hot bath, have the effect that reduce weight therapy.

3 The wine has three functions of coffee. Drink coffee, will make the transition from alcohol and quickly decomposed into acetaldehyde, water and carbon dioxide and eliminated from the body.


4 coffee can eliminate fatigue. In order to eliminate fatigue, must complement nourishment, rest and sleep, promote metabolism, and coffee with these functions.

5 day three cups of coffee can prevent gallstones. Nike Shox Shoes .For caffeinated coffee, can stimulate the gallbladder, and reduce shrinkage within easy form of gallstones bile cholesterol, the latest Harvard University researchers found that everyday drink two to three cups of coffee, the risk of gallstone males below 40%.

6 Drinking coffee can prevent radiation damage. Radiation damage, especially electrical radiation has become more prominent a kind of pollution. India has ba atoms in mice, researchers in this conclusion, and can be applied to humans.

7. Coffee medical care function. Coffee has antioxidant and strong bones and muscles, heart, and protect the waist knees, appetizers, promote the product, reducing turned into blood XiFeng silt, desiccant, nervine, check, etc.

8. The influence of emotion. Coffee, Experiments show that, one day absorbs 300 mg (about 3 cups of coffee cooked on a person’s caffeine, will bring good mood and alert.


1 nervous when the chaos

Caffeine helps increase alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentration. But more than your usual drink coffee consumption habits, will produce the same doses of drugs like eating, causing nervousness. The tendency for anxiety disorders, caffeine can cause sweaty-palm, palpitations, tinnitus, these symptoms worsen.

2 aggravate hypertension

Caffeine because itself has the analgesic effect, often with other simple analgesic synthetic compound, however,Nike Shox Shoes on sale.long-term large doses, if you have hypertension, the use of large amounts of caffeine will only make you more serious. Because the light is caffeine can make blood pressure to rise, if add emotional tension, it will produce risk factor effect, therefore, the risk of high blood pressure groups should be avoided, especially in the working pressure when drinking caffeinated drinks. Some perennial have coffee habit, to the effect that they have immunity, caffeine, however, that is not the case, a study showed that drink a cup of coffee, elevated blood pressure, time is 12 hours.

3 induced osteoporosis

Caffeine itself has very good diuresis effect, if long-term and heavy drinking coffee, easy cause bone loss to the bone, the preservation will have an adverse impact on women, osteoporosis, may increase the threat. But the prerequisite is that normally would lack of food intake enough calcium, or don’t often move after menopause, plus the lack of estrogen caused by women, the loss of calcium, these conditions, plus large amounts of caffeine could threaten to bone.

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