Garden Decking What\’S The Choice?

Garden decking – what\’s the choice?


Charlie Maine

Plenty of individuals prefer the natural appearance and texture of hardwood decking, however, what a lot of people don\’t understand is that it requires regular case to maintain this look. When the temperature is hot hardwood decking can become dry, as a result it requires frequent oiling to prevent it splitting. For a neat, smooth finish you should contact an experienced tradesperson; hardwood can be difficult to install if you are looking to keep the fixings concealed. Hardwood decking is suitable for a garden but it\’s not perfect for balconies as the organic sap may leak out potentially discolouring nearby brick work.

Made of recycled hardwood with a polymer resin composite decking is a durable alternative. A clear advantage of composite decking is that it is really low maintenance; yearly cleaning isn\’t necessary. No matter what size or shape you choose composite decking can be made to fit, it is able to be moulded so your choices aren\’t restricted. Composite decking will be the most suitable option for most people as it comes in a selection of finishes and colours; however it can be priced quite high and consequently won\’t be for everybody. The high price is for quality and because plenty of suppliers are offering a 25 year guarantee you can be certain that composite decking will last. As well as this it also improves the value of your house, so don\’t allow the initial cost to change your mind.


A different choice is plastic decking. Plastic is commonly associated with cheap however costly steel frames are needed to support the decking because it shifts position due to temperature changes. This movement may cause your decking to creak and this can be very annoying. Recycled plastic decking is purchasable and may be a suitable choice if you want to help the environment.

Similar to hardwood, softwood is also popular due to its natural look. One main issue with softwood decking is it can easily become slippery and dangerous. When the weather is wet water collects and when it is dry bacteria and algae cultivates on the surface causing it to become slimy. This mould can simply be washed off but this is only a short-term solution. More algae will probably come back as the timber becomes even more water-absorbent. If you hope to conserve the original look you\’ll need to clean and treat your decking yearly, this can be very time-consuming.

If you are thinking about garden decking there are lots of options to choose from. When coming to a selection you should set yourself a budget and think about the size and shape of your area. One aspect to bear in mind is that decking makes your home worth more if you decide to sell; Opting for a higher-priced quality decking should benefit you in the future.

Composite decking

is just one of the choices available to you. Not all composite decking is made of the same materials and there are a number of providers to choose from. TimberTech UK is a company based in South Wales that provides quality composite decking. Simple to install this decking needs minimal maintenance.

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